Kitchen CabinetsWe can provide cabinets to suit any budget: builder grades with fewer bells and whistles to cabinetry with finer quality, doors, drawers, roll outs, organizers and exemplary finish whether painted or stained.

We are a dealer for Kraftmaid, Brighton Cabinetry, Waypoint Living Spaces and Koch Cabinetry, all of which provide different price points and options that help us determine which is right for you.

Kitchen cabinets are the most prominent feature of any kitchen. Whether you are looking for glass cabinets to display your fine china or renovations on your base cabinets, you can find affordable solutions at Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths in Martinsburg, WV.

Cabinetry makes up one of the biggest portions of the average kitchen budget. As such, it is critical to understand all your options before making your choice.

Before installing kitchen cabinets, it is prudent to evaluate your tastes, needs, and budget. We can help you make all these choices and with the help of our skilled craftsmen, we can transform your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space. We proficiently install cabinets and their organizers to relieve kitchen clutter.

When it comes to cabinet installation, the choices to make are many, but Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths in Martinsburg, WV, can help. Read on to understand the available options and how they affect your cabinetry choices.

Choosing the Type of Kitchen Cabinets that Suit Your Kitchen

Installing new cabinets grants you a chance to give your kitchen space a stylish look. It also offers you a chance to get your storage customized for every last kitchen towel or dish. Of all the elements of cabinetry installation and remodeling, the color, construction, material, and door style of your cabinets make the strongest impression to the eye. While these elements may be easy to choose, cabinetry type may require more information that can help you make wise choices.

Semi-Custom Cabinets Type

Flexibility in cabinetry is best attained with semi-customized cabinets. These cabinets are partly custom and partly stock, and they provide more features when compared to stock cabinetry. They can be built to suit a wide range of finishes and doors as designated by the client because building starts after the order is placed.

Production or Stock Cabinetry

Stock cabinetry makers invest highly in durable and good cabinet finishes. The advantage of production cabinetry is that they are always in stock and readily available within a short time, and they have entry-level pricing.

However, some stock cabinets have limited finishes, styles, hardware, and accessories. Additionally, they may need fillers to make a perfect fit. These cabinets are appropriate for starter homes and investment properties. For more help in making choices, visit Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths in Martinsburg, WV.

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