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Shades of Gray

Versatile and fresh, gray kitchens are a hot trend in remodeling this year, especially popular among younger adults. These shades work well with virtually any style and can bridge the gap between modern and traditional looks in transitional spaces. Gray cabinets and add a refined, neutral palette that looks sophisticated and contemporary while allowing for endless color and texture combinations.

If you are thinking of going gray with your kitchen remodel, there are a few considerations to help determine if this on-trend look is right for your project.

Gray Matters

As one of the hottest looks in kitchen remodels this season, a sleek gray makeover can transform your kitchen from drab to fab. Before you commit to this color scheme, however, be sure it will work with elements in your space that will not change during the remodel and the climate in your area.

While a gray kitchen can seem clean and cool in hot, sunny climates, areas that are cloudy and cold can make a gray kitchen feel dreary. Pair your palette with cherry-stained wood, reds, and other warm colors; white accents and natural materials can also add a bit of cheer.

The Right Hue is Key

While gray may seem to be a fairly straightforward color, the spectrum of colors available is enormous. To narrow down your hue, take a look at the rest of the room. If your kitchen is lacking in natural light or is on the small side, use a lighter gray to help reflect light back into the room and open up the space. Use your countertops as a guide to choosing the right shade for your space. Slate, concrete, and Carrera counters in quartz are trendy options that can guide you towards the perfect cabinet or accent color.

A gray color scheme allows the opportunity to get creative with accent colors. This versatile neutral doesn’t just pair well with whites, tans, and other neutrals; bold options like crimson, aqua, and stainless steel counters provide an unconventional, contemporary flair that works perfectly with the entire gray spectrum. Striated marble is another amazing material that adds rich, modern chic without overwhelming the room; consider adding a slab as an accent counter or using it a backsplash.

Whether your tastes run towards casual contemporary or sophisticated classics, gray is the way to go for 2017. If you are set on staying on-trend this popular palette will stay fresh for years to come, and our team can help you find the perfect shade for your remodel. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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